Powder Coating

Wingard specializes in electrostatic epoxy powder coating of armatures, stators, and all other shaped lamination cores.

Powder coating provides a continuous dielectric insulating layer with strong chemical and heat resistance to protect motor windings. From performance and cost perspectives, powder coating is often superior to plastic or paper slot liners.

At Wingard, we typically offer 3M’s Scotchcast™ 5230N electrical dialectric coating resin, a one-part blue pigmented, rapid heat-curing product designed to provide a continuous, tough moisture and chemical resistant dielectric coating to a variety of substrates.

In-House Powder Coating

  • In-house electrostatic deposition and epoxy curing machines
  • High quality control for dialectric insulation resistance and strength
  • Specialized in high-performance motor and generator cores, rotors, stators, armatures, fields, and all other shaped lamination cores
  • Fast turnaround