A proprietary high precision, single-hit, blanking process for intricate, flat and formed, metal stampings and motor laminations. Hydroblanking is a unique combination of tooling and stamping that results in three key benefits:

  • High accuracy and consistent metal stamping
  • Quick turnaround for low and medium volume production
  • Low cost tooling charges

Parts Specifications

  • High-accuracy laminations and other metal stampings
  • Volumes — 500 to 500,000 pieces
  • Thickness —.004 to .187”
  • Diameter — 0.1 to 21.0”
  • Consistent within .0002” or better
  • Exceptional flatness, minimal burr


  • Steel, plastic, aluminum, fibers, copper, and alloys
  • Ideal for thin gage materials

Custom Hydroblank Tool

  • Punch and die from top-grade steel, with EDM wire cut to exacting tolerances
  • Low-cost, high-quality
  • 3-7 weeks lead time